Homestead Exemptions.



Who may file?Qualified applicants include Persons over age 65 as of January 1st of the application years.†† Persons who own and occupy their homestead from January 1st through August 15 of the application year.Certain disabled individuals.Certain disabled veterans and their widows.


What would disqualify me from my homestead?If the home is valued over $95,000 or 150% of the countyís average assessed value of single-family residential property, whichever is greater.If my income is over the amount allowed by the state.†† If I sell or leave my home before August 15th.


How do I file?You must file between February 1st and June 30th EVERY YEAR in the Assessorís office.If you have applied previously your new application will be mailed to your residence.You can complete all the forms, sign and return to the assessorís office or you can bring to the office and we will fill it out for you.The assessor also visits the local senior citizen centers to aid in the process.If you are filing for the first time you can call our office at 308-367-8637 and request that one be sent to you or you may pick up the application from our office.


What do I need to bring when filing an application?You need to bring anything you had fro income.The forms that will have the information include: Form W-2 from wages, salaries, fees, commissions, tips, and bonuses, etc.Form SSA-1099 from Social Security retirement income. Form RRB-1099 from Tier I railroad retirement.Form 1099-R, Form RRB-1099 R from Pensions, annuities, and IRA distributions.If you did not file a federal income statement form be sure to bring your social security amounts as well as any bank interest statements.†† Bring a list of any out of pocket medical expenses.Such expenses can include supplemental health insurance premiums, prescriptions, medical expenses, eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc.